Current Clemson University Information and Requirements:

Prerehabilitation Sciences

  • The prephysical therapy and preoccupational therapy programs require 90 semester credit hours. Currently, the requirements for the other rehabilitation sciences programs (physician assisting, and allied health areas) are similar to the first two years (60 credit hours) of the prephysical therapy program (see the advisor for differences).

Student Honors

Students listed on the President's and Dean's lists for the semester.

Degrees and Certificates:

Bachelor of Science in Preprofessional Studies

Clemson University will award the degree of Bachelor of Science in Preprofessional Studies to a student who is accepted to a professional school prior to completing a degree program.

The student must meet certain specific criteria.

Certificate of Completion

The Prepharmacy Program will award a certificate of completion to students completing the requirements of the program. Eligible students must apply and be approved for the certificate.

Recent Changes in the MUSC program.

Read About:

  • changes in rehabilitation sciences application policies for 2001 and beyond,
  • the GRE writing assessment,
  • medical terminology course requirement,
  • on-line application to MUSC programs.

Interview Assistance

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Interview materials

Graduate Record Examination (GRE)

Help with the GRE

Updates and Proposed Changes:

University of South Carolina

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Admission Requirements

Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology

Master of Communication Disorders (M.C.D.)

Elon University new Physical Therapy (DPT) Program

Medical University of South Carolina

Update on MUSC Rehabilitation Sciences Programs

Update on MUSC Clinical Laboratory Science MS Program

Medical Technology

[Cytotechnology] program has been discontinued.

Changes to the MUSC Physical Therapy Program

Changes to the MUSC Occupational Therapy Program

New MUSC program in Communication Sciences and Disorders

Medical College of Georgia

See July 2002 Newsletter

Information about the Professions:

Physical Therapists

Physical Therapy Assistants and Aides

Occupational Therapists

Occupational Therapy Assistants


The profession of optometry

Physician Assisting

What is a Physician Assistant?

Recreational Therapists

Recreation Workers

Respiration Therapists

Educational Preparation

Sports Medicine

What is Sports Medicine?

Academic Programs

Speech and Communication Disorders

Guide to Academic Programs in Communication Sciences & Disorders

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy Schools in the United States


Accredited Schools of Optometry

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy Schools in the United States

Physician Assisting

Physician Assistant Programs

Sports Medicine

Fields of Sports Medicine

Therapeutic Recreation

College and University Programs

Respiration Therapy

Academic Respiration Therapy Programs

Vet Tech

Academic Programs and Information

MRI Technician

Academic Programs and Information

Professional Organizations:

Speech and Communication Disorders

American Speech - Language - Hearing Association


The American Academy of Optometry

The American Optometric Association

Occupational Therapy

American Occupational Therapy Association

Physical Therapy

American Physical Therapy Association

Association of Academic Physiatrists

Physician Assisting

American Academy of Physician Assistants

Sports Medicine

American College of Sports Medicine

American Sports Medicine Institute

International Federation of Sports Medicine

National Athletic Trainers' Association

Therapeutic Recreation

American Therapeutic Recreation Association

National Therapeutic Recreation Society

Respiratory Therapy

American Association for Respiratory Care

Relevant Occupational Therapy WEB Sites:

Medical College of Georgia

Nova Southeastern University College of Allied Health OT Program

Relevant Optometry WEB Sites:

National Eye Institute

Vision Council of America (VICA)

Vision Care Section, American Public Health Association

National Alliance for Eye and Vision Research

Relevant Physical Therapy WEB Sites:

Medical University of South Carolina

College of Health Professions

Undergraduate Admissions

Physical Therapy

Admission Requirements

Occupational Therapy

Admission Requirements

Communication Sciences and Disorders

Admission Requirements

Physician Assistant Program

Admission Requirements

Medical College of Georgia

Creighton University

Nova Southeastern University College of Allied Health PT Program

Relevant Physician Assisting WEB Sites:

Medical College of Georgia

Physician Assistant Programs Nationwide

The National Physician Assistant Student Homepage

Nova Southeastern University College of Allied Health PA Program

Nurse Practitioner Programs

Relevant Respiratory Therapy WEB Sites:

Alliance for Technology Access

Relevant Speech and Communication Disorders WEB Sites:

Alliance for Technology Access

General Information about Speech and Language Disorders

Relevant Sports Medicine WEB Sites:

National Sports Medicine Institute (UK)

Sports Medicine Links

Sports Medicine Network

Sports Medicine News

UND Sports Medicine Home Page

Relevant Therapeutic Recreation WEB Sites:

Clemson University Therapeutic Recreation Program

Therapeutic Recreation Directory

Relevant Health Resources WEB Sites:

Yahoo Health Resources



National. Library of Medicine Online

Health Information from The National Library of Medicine (NLM)

Medical Coding Degree

Relevant Articles:

Molecular Approach to Sports Medicine from THE SCIENTIST
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If you need additional information concerning the Prerehabilitation Sciences Program please contact:

Ric A. Garcia

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